Crossfit life update. CHECK. Performing life update. NO REP.

Forgot to mention.  My latest gig performing.  In rehearsals now, hoping to get it picked up.


First NY gig.  BOOM>


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Back in action. 3. 2. 1. GO!


Its been a while. I know you missed me.


Here’s a quick catch up of what I’ve been up to.


March 23: Tour ends, NYC life continues where it left off.


March 23-present day: Can’t stop WODDING.  CrossfitNYC is my current box.


VERY IMPORTANT: since I’ve been back, the small group of my friends from crossfit turned into a very large group of friends.  Long story short: 3 guys said … hey… I think we’re on to something.  They created a Social Community of Crossfitters in the NY region, I believe, hoping to expand Nationally, and they call themselves “Team Dangerous”.  If you don’t believe me, facebook them or Instagram them (Teamdanger0us).  Actually the most incredible group of people I may have ever met.  Fun as hell, crazy as shit, and amazing crossfitters.





Well, I just spent a few days with a couple of them in Montauk and it was to say the least incredible.  We’re in the process of doing a Paleo challenge so our meals were lots of steak, fish, paleo pancakes, veggies…. awesome.  AND–an amazing box from NYC called EVF Crossfit which is on the upper west side has a pop up box out there so wodding outside? In Montauk? F. YES.


James Quigley created some awesome WODs for us — the second day we did ISA-GRACE.  Yup.  It’s exactly what you think it is.  Isabelle (30 snatches) right into Grace (30 Clean and Jerks).  It was…. incredible.  I finished super quick in the 4 min. range (our stop watch decided to malfunction… SUCKS RIGHT?)  but I was also going super light @ 53lbs. because I was scared shitless and didnt know what to expect.. Now I know.  next time, 63!


I can’t make it, but this coming weekend they’re having an event for the Civilian Military Combine up there and Team Dangerous will be there while EVF sponsers it.  If you haven’t checked out the CMC race you definitely should.  It’s an awesome PIT (7 min amrap or so) that goes straight into a 5-7 mile obstacle race… just short enough to ‘sprint’. The next race is in Brooklyn in September and Team Dangerous will be all over that shit.  If you’re interested in joining contact me and I’ll set you up with some awesome people.


Alright.  Enough for now.


Next up. BRICK NYC.  Gonna be sick. check it out.

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Crossfit Peoria!

We had a Few days off in Peoria, Illinois before our Friday night show, so I decided to drop in at Crossfit Peoria! My fellow cast mate Sophie and I ordered room service (paleo!) and I did “death by snatches”. It’s been 3 days and my traps are still sore!

My final count was 119 @ 55lbs… I’ve been away from the barbell for a while now, so it was definitely a shock to my body! A good shock though 🙂

My goal is to hit up 2 more crossfit boxes before my layoff for Christmas!



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Memphis, TN


We stopped in Memphis for one night. As the night went on it became my favorite stop so far. We started with the best ribs & live music, then moved to what was supposed to be a ‘quick’ karaoke stop…we stayed for about 2 hours & turned the place into a huge party, and ended the night with 3 hours of dancing…only 5 survivors. Let’s just say the bus ride the next day was not very fun!

Cheers to Memphis!

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Galveston, Texas


It was so great to see my family in Galveston! It ended my thanksgiving week perfectly and reminded me how thankful I am for the family and friends I’ve been surrounded by my whole life. Thank you to everyone who came to see the show!

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We’re staying the night in Roswell, NM… Perhaps I’ll bring an alien home for Thanksgiving ? Headed to Texas tomorrow!!!

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